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Swastik Spices Masala & Mukhwas

  • Spices & Masala
  • 25 Nov 2020 - 31 Dec 2020

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  • Swastik Spices Masala & Mukhwas - Mumbai
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Swastik Spices Masala & Mukhwas
Hubtown Shikhar Bldg, A Wing-101, Parsi Panchayat Road, Opp Sona Udyog, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400069

Swastik Spices Masala & Mukhwas is a Mumbai based company, essential for daily Household products, which is used in every kitchen by House lady (Annapurna ).

Swastik products are 100% Pure & Natural products from Kerala farms, we supply to private customers and A grade Restaurants only.

Swastik Masalas & Mukhwas Homemade products, manufactured in Ahmedabad, our products are without any flavored essence or chemical color added.

We believe in customers' needs and satisfaction, our hygiene is the main motto of our brand.

We have 24 hrs delivery in Mumbai & 96 hrs out of Mumbai


'Try it once & forever '



                                    SPICES                                                    MASALAS (veg)                                                                

                    Elaichi Premium (8mm)                                              Pav Bhaji masala 

                    Elaichi Bold (7mm)                                                      Chole masala

                    Elaichi Bold (6 mm)                                                     Veg Biryani/Pulav masala  

                    Kala mari                                                                       Goda masala 

                    Safed mari                                                                     Garam masala 

                    Laving                                                                    Butter milk masala                          

                    Jaifal                                                                     Kitchen king masala

                    Sunth powder                                                               Chai masala

                    Dalchini                                                                   Dry fruit doodh masala

                    Green tea                                                             Kolhapur Sp Misal masala               

                                                                                       Kolhapur Sp Paandhra Rassa masala

                                                                                 Kolhapur Sp Tambda Rassa masala  

                                                                                                      Paneer masala   

                                                                                                       Maggi masala

                                                                                                      Jaljeera masala 

                                                                                                  Ghati masala (Satara) 

                                                                                                   Pani puri masala    

                                                                                                    Malwani masala     

                                                                                                     Aagri masala    

                                                                                                Chole ready to eat

                                                                                                 Paneer ready to eat 


       MOUTH FRESHNER / MUKHWAS                              MASALAS (Non-veg)                       

                                     Oats                                                              Malwani Fish curry masala                 

                                     Green                                                           Chicken curry masala                    

                                     Healthy                                                        Mutton curry masala                    

                                     Shahi                                                            Chicken Biryani masala

                                     Adraki                                                           Mutton Biryani masala

                                                                                                            Egg curry masala  

                                   PICKLES                                                Chicken 65 ready to eat

                            Karwanda pickle                                         Chicken gravy masala ready to eat

                            Aawla pickle                                             Mutton gravy masala ready to eat

                            Mirchi pickle

                            Mango pickle

                            Mix pickle



                                                           Kashmiri Mirchi powder (Teekha) 

                                                           Kashmiri Mirchi powder (Special)   

                                                           Jawari Mirchi powder

                                                             Haldi powder

                                                             Coconut powder    

                                                             Onion powder 

                                                             Garlic powder

                                                             Ginger powder

                                                             Tomato powder 

                                                             Dhaniya powder

                                                             Jeera powder   

                                                             Jaggery powder

                                                             Sambhar powder

                                                             Rasam powder

                                                             Kanda Lasun chutney powder      




Packing available in 100/ 250 / 500 grms.


Original Kerala Spices / Masalas & Mukhwas.


For any order / Enquiry kindly Contact  +91 8104089310

Hubtown Shikhar Bldg, A Wing-101, Parsi Panchayat Road,

Opp Sona Udyog, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400069

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